Agriculture & Environment

We support:

1.  Adequate State funding to ensure compliance with and enforcement of Federal Clean Water Standards.

2. Changes in “Confined Animal Feeding Operations”: County Board of Supervisors authority to veto / approve using State regulations: require” National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems” permits; compliance with indoor / outdoor air quality standards; moratorium on new units until waste / odor problems improve: increase distance from residences and schools.

3. The promotion of more funding for alternative forms of energy; including tax incentives for businesses and individuals.

4. Using technologies, dehydrators and effective systems to make waste from agricultural enterprises non-invasive to the environment.

5. Agricultural crop and livestock diversification and encourage the development of non-traditional agriculture including industrial hemp.

​6. Adequate funding for REAP. (Regional Environment Application Plan)

7. Mandatory inspection of septic tanks when property is sold.

8. Humane treatment of animals.

9. The expansion of the Iowa Utilities Commission to regulate the distribution and pricing of LP Gas.

10. Sustainable solid waste disposal policies utilizing waste-to-energy processes.

11. Prohibiting Alliant Energy from unjustified increases in electric rates.

12. Action by the General Assembly to allow communities to seek an exclusive franchise with a different utility or to form a municipal utility.

13. Expanding the bottle deposit law to include all non-carbonated glass and plastic beverage bottles and restructuring the distribution of money received to allow adequate payment to the organization performing the material handling. Increase the deposit to 10 cents per item.

​14. Maintaining or increasing the percentage of ethanol or other renewable fuel in gasoline by the EPA.