Economy, Commerce, & Labor

We support:

1.  The use of Project Labor Agreements on public construction projects to ensure that all workers on a public project have fair wages and working conditions.  We also support applying the concepts of the Davis-Bacon Act to public construction projects in Iowa. 
2.   Increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour and protecting its value by indexing it to inflation.
3.   Fair-share clauses in collective bargaining labor agreements.
4.   Increased funding for Amtrak.
5.   Fully funding “Iowa Public Employees Retirement System” to maintain its future financial health.
6.   Economic development as a high priority.
7.   Opposition to the privatization of public services.
8.   Methods to encourage Iowa Corporations to keep jobs in the State.
9.   All foods and products being labeled with the country of origin.
10.  Legislation that allows Iowa workers injured on the job to choose from a panel of specialty certified physicians for their care.
11.  Passage by Congress of the Employee Free Choice Act to protect rights of workers to form unions and bargain collectively.
12.  The right of public sector employees to collectively organize into unions with all issues open to mandatory bargaining.
13.  “Made in Iowa” product labeling.
14.  Finding a fair and just method of transitioning public employee retirement benefits from a defined benefit to a defined contribution system.
15.  Full public negotiation of all elements of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement and are in opposition to fast-tracking of this agreement.
16.  Legislation to change credit cards, hardware, and software such that transactions use chip and PIN mechanism instead ofmagnetic strip.