We support:

1. New Federal legislation to allow the use of multiple measures to assess student, teacher and school performance; to increase the number of highly qualified teachers in our nation’s public schools; and to fully fund its obligations to America’s public school students.

​2.  Reading initiative programs and limiting class size, giving students more individualized attention.

​3.  Providing increased funding for early childhood development for all, including universal pre-school.

4.  Requiring mandatory kindergarten attendance.

5.  Equalizing the tax distribution across the State for school districts in Iowa so each child has equal resources for their education.

6.  Enforcement of proper regulations for all licensed day care facilities,including regular inspections.

7.  Exploring possibilities to encourage young people to stay in Iowa, including student loan forgiveness.  

8.  Full Federal funding of special education.

9.  Public Education for all and we oppose diverting public money from public schools to fund vouchers, tuition tax credits, or private for-profit education businesses.

​10. Maintaining professional salaries for educators at or above the national median and increasing the wages for support staff and substitute teachers in our public schools.

11. Increasing Iowa financial aid programs for students in Iowa community colleges and Iowa public universities.

12. Anti-bullying laws to ensure safe, secure, nurturing learning environments where every student feels welcome, accepted, and has access to support systems.  We seek to make our schools more inclusive for all students.

13. Affordable, high quality public education for all with adequate funding for PreK-12.

14. Requiring students to remain in school to high school graduation, until age 18, or matriculation to an institution of higher learning.

15. Action to compel the State of Iowa to complete the Supplemental School Aid process within 30 days of the Governor’s Budget completion as required by law.

16. Restoring art, music, humanities and physical education curriculum at all levels.

17. Multi-lingual opportunities for primary school student learning in written, verbal and reading formats.