Government and Law

We support:

1.  Comprehensive immigration reform that includes border protection policies that are consistent with humanitarian values and foster respect for the law.

2.  Comprehensive immigration reform that includes the possibility of legal status for undocumented immigrants who resided in the U. S. prior to 01/01/12.

3. Comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for immigrant workers, their spouses and dependents.

4. Comprehensive immigration reform that increases visas to permit needed immigrant workers to enter the country legally.

5.  Comprehensive immigration reform that includes the DREAM Act.

6. Eligibility of immigrants to obtain temporary visitors driver’s licenses and to title, register and insure vehicles regardless of their immigration status.

7.  Opposition to Capital Punishment at the State and Federal level.

8. Sex offender laws that are more practical and effective, and a just classification of those who are likely to re-offend.

9. Developing HWY 63 South as a four-lane highway from Ottumwa to the Missouri border.

10. Continued funding for the “Main Street” program.

11. Exploring the possibility of alternate forms of transportation to conserve energy and to improve traffic flow.

12. Maintaining fair tax rates for small businesses to promote greater economic development.

13.  Better mental, physical and economic assistance for veterans and their families, especially those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

14. Adequate funding for the Veteran’s Administration.

15. Veterans being allowed to use VA benefits to access needed care in their local communities.

16. Adequate funding for Iowa legal aid services.

17. Marriage equality.

18. Women’s right to choose a legal, safe and rare abortion.

19. Revision of the Patriot Act to insure protection of constitutional rights.

​20.  Establishing an election finance system in which candidates forego fundraising from private sources, accept spending limits and receive a set amount of money from a public election fund.

​21. Full disclosure of the origin of all monies being used to fund Local, State, and Federal election campaigns.

22. Legislation clarifying that corporations are not human beings and should not be awarded the constitutional rights of a person.

23. Re-negotiating the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) to the advantage of workers and for a higher standard of environment practices in all participating countries.

24. The Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act (STOCK) to prevent insider trading by Congress and its employees for personal benefit.

25. The concept that under the Freedom of Information Act the President must preserve all communications of that office for posterity, be open to the American public and that obstruction is an impeachable offense.

26. Limiting the power of lobbying interests to affect the process of making our laws.

27. Rescinding Congressional benefits if a Congressperson accepts employment as a lobbyist within five years of leaving Congress.

28. Timely reporting of “Political Action Committee” and lobbyist contributions before elections and legislative votes.

29. Fully financing of legislative mandates and entitlement programs.

30. Sufficient funding for additional community based training and treatment for prison inmates prior to re-entry into civilian life.
31. Providing adequate, continuing treatment and expanded resources for mentally ill and drug addicted offenders leaving the prison system. 

32. Providing funding for Drug and Mental Health Courts for mentally ill or drug addicted offenders.

33. Expanding in-patient beds and treatment for mental health and drug addicted prisoners instead of funding for more prison beds.

34. Reform of the criminal code so that judges are given back discretion in sentencing and that mandatory sentencing be revoked for crimes not involving personal bodily violence, including drug offenses.

35. A requirement for post-election audits, i.e. hand counts of paper ballots of a sample size and selection process sufficient to ensure that the correct winners were designated for all statewide and federal races.

36. Nationwide standards for consistent ballot type, voter-verified paper audit trails, statistically significant random audits of precincts, public disclosure of voting software used, and open-source code.

37. Keeping the Iowa Code in line with federal law that prohibits persons who have been convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor or who are subject to a no contact order from legally possessing firearms.

38. A progressive tax structure based upon individuals ability to pay.

39.  Reasoned and measured cuts in the defense budget.

40.  Iowa’s current system of selecting judges based on merit; not solely political appointments or partisan elections.

41.  Separation of powers between the branches of government; fair and independent judiciary which makes decisions based on the constitution and laws, not special interests.

42. Background checks for purchases of all firearms.

43. Planning to repair and upgrade Iowa’s infrastructure bringing it into the Twenty First Century.

44. Adequate funding for the State court system.

45. Laws which increase rather than restrict citizens access to vote.

46. Legislation to reduce the influence of Super-PACs on the political process.

47. Legislation which makes “under-skirting” a crime in Iowa.

48. Restoration of full voting rights to felons who have discharged their sentences.

49. Creating standards in line with brick and mortar casinos for game integrity and taxation regarding online poker regulation.