Health & Human Services

We support:

1.  Individuals being allowed to purchase safe, reliable and affordable prescription drugs including purchases from other countries.

2.  Fully funding state and national domestic abuse and sexual assault victims services; such as, the right to presence of a victim counselor at no cost to the victim, right to law enforcement assistance, right to seek a no contact order, the right to register as a victim in order to receive a notification of proceedings

3.  Eliminating geographic payment inequities to Iowa health care providers under Medicare, which pay Iowa providers among the lowest rates in the US, limit access to needed services for Iowans, and increase the difficulty of attracting and retaining new providers to Iowa communities.

4.  Increasing State support for adoption of foster children.

5.  Empowering the State to provide resources for children in foster care until they reach the age of 21 under special circumstances.

6.  The concept that children’s best interest be the paramount consideration in determining termination of parental rights

7.  Adequate funding for in-home care of the elderly, frail and invalid.

8.  Funding cancer research in the state of Iowa.

9.  Funding cancer research in any county in Iowa with a general population exposed to toxins from ammunitions manufacturing, and specifically targeting Story County, Des Moines County, and Wapello County due to high rates of cancer.

10. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA).

11. Improving child and maternal health in the United States.

12. Reducing the number of people without clean water or enough food.

13. Ending extreme poverty.

14. Preventing chronic diseases worldwide,especially reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.

15. Public policy that refocuses our health care system on keeping people healthier through disease prevention, care management and targeted incentives to encourage self-management and prevention including family planning.

16. Public policy that promotes healthy lifestyles and disease prevention and management in every community including places of employment and schools.

​17. Public policy and funding that accelerates improvements in the quality and availability of health information technology and the electronic health record (EHR) throughout the health system by 2016.

18. Funding of programs for educational debt forgiveness for all health professionals who work or practice in Iowa,including higher rates of loan forgiveness for those working or practicing in non-metropolitan areas (under 50,000 populations) or high need areas such as Health Professions Shortage Areas (HPSAs).

19. Reducing the burden of educational debt for all health professions students (including, but not limited to health care technologists, pharmacists, physical, speech and occupational therapists,nurses and physicians) when they work in under-served communities.

20. State funding to provide services including contraceptives for adult low-income women / men who would otherwise not have access, with the goal of reducing the number of unintended pregnancies in the State.

​21. Providing sufficient State funding for quality mental health care, with patients to be properly diagnosed and supervised in a compassionate manner.

22. A public option for health insurance to assure access to health care for all our citizens and legal residents.

23. Urging the US Congress to discontinue Medicare Advantage plans as they disadvantage Iowa’s seniors and health care providers.

​24. Coverage of mental health services equitably along with physical illness and previous mental health illness should not be a reason for denial of health insurance.

25. The protection of Social Security and Medicare as publicly operated programs and prevention of their privatization.

26. The State of Iowa being allowed to negotiate directly with drug companies for lower prices.

​27. Encouraging local governments to sponsor healthcare sign-ups including training volunteers to assist Iowa citizens to enroll in an available insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act.

28. Legislation to simplify Medicare Part-D drug coverage.

29. The right of women to make their own healthcare decisions including reproductive choices, and affordable contraceptives for all persons.

30. No restrictions to the therapeutic use of telemedicine.