International Affairs

We support:

1. Military action only if there is clear imminent threat to U.S. security and informed consent of Congress.

2. Upholding Geneva Convention policies, especially with regard to prisoners of war.

3. Completion of troop withdrawal from Afghanistan before the end of 2014.

4. International efforts to provide humanitarian and educational aid for Afghanistan following US and UN troop withdrawal.

5. Closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay and we condemn the practice of rendition (transferring suspected terrorist prisoners to other countries that do not uphold the Geneva Convention).

6.  Peaceful efforts to achieve separate, secure Israeli and Palestinian States,with a contiguous Palestine.

7.  Rapid and peaceful resolution of the Syrian civil war including the successful destruction of all chemical weapons in Syria.

8.  International efforts to remove unexploded ordnance from former war zones and ban cluster bombs.
9.   Providing USAID international funding for tuberculosis, malaria, HIV / AIDS prevention, sex education, and birth control.

10. Increasing US Foreign Aid to developing countries for humanitarian aid and education.

11. Diplomatic efforts to achieve nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament.